Creating the Universe, One Person at a Time

Dear Friends,

What would happen, if we:

 … Asked a hard question every time we went to a meeting?

 … Assumed that it’s possible that those who care about us, that those we have in our lives, that those to whom we may be related, that those who work with us—may very well have goodwill towards us?

 … Went first: first to smile, first to say I’m sorry, first to listen, first to say hello, first to forgive?

 … Gave more and took less?

 … Were curious about someone’s story and knew that if we discovered this, it would be very hard not to care deeply for that person?

 All of these are ways of being that each of us control. We don’t need to wait, wish or hope for some external event to create the lives we want. The universe is waiting for us to create it. Now.

 We are 24,


 “The only way to live is to forgive yourself for constantly being human” —Glennon Doyle Melton, “Carry On, Warrior”

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