This succinct book will leave you a better leader, and more importantly a better person.

What if your resume read: Calm, capable, kind, humble and strong? You would be wildly in demand and utterly successful, and not only at work. These attributes (not degrees, money, or titles) create a true leader. And, you can have this now.

The art of having a successful life and career is in creating close, meaningful, authentic relationships with others. The only way to do this is to start with yourself.

You have the capability of influencing more than you imaged possible and creating the life you yarn to have.

Beth Taska, a highly successful leader and coach of leaders, guides you through precise methods of being the best version of yourself today.

She summarizes the wisdom of philosophers, writers, cutting edge thinkers of our time and her own extraordinary life to forge a guide to leading a better life.

With heart, truth and wisdom Start with Yourself shows you how to:

  • Connector.


    Lead through an open mind and a way of being.

  • Connector.


    Always be in demand by being an extraordinary leader and solving problems.

  • Connector.


    Inspire others, teams, and your family.

  • Connector.


    Succeed in your career, business, and relationships, all from the same core habits.

  • Connector.


    Get what you want, always wanted

  • “What makes her unique is her quiet confidence, determined focus, inclusive perspective and fearless nature. We are so lucky that she has shared her voice, wisdom and experience more broadly so that others can improve and enrich their corporate cultures, company outcomes and personal lives.”Meiko Takayama, Founder and CEO of Advancing Women Executives
  • “Beth Taska transformed her challenging childhood into a life of genuine and authentic experiences. Her wisdom is a gift.”John Davidoff, Founder and Chief Mission-Driver of Davidoff Mission-Driven Business Strategy
  • “Beth’s concept that the most powerful leadership attribute is a way of being…being in relationship with others and yourself is wise, insightful and powerful. Her approach is highly engaging and accessible. “Start With Yourself–Lessons In Leadership” will transform your personal and professional ability to lead and create impact.”Sharon Miller, CEO of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, San Francisco
  • “An inspiring, thoughtful and deeply personal approach to becoming a better leader and person. This should be required reading for every CEO…”Rebecca Cofinas, Founder and CEO, Arista MD