They Are Always Right

Dear Friends,

We cannot judge other people on if their feelings are right or wrong; they just are. The most powerful thing we can do is to acknowledge what they’re feeling, look at our own discomfort, and be with it.

We cannot know the day another person has just experienced unless we take the time to ask them, and—even more so—have the grace to listen.

We cannot make a person wrong about their fears around life. Everyone’s perspective and experiences shape how they construct what terrifies them the most, and the best we can do is accept this and not try to argue them out of it. Perhaps the most effective thing we can do is make them feel not so alone.

We cannot understand the unspoken, complex, emotional dialogue that everyone—absolutely everyone—has going on in their heads. Their constant and completely unknown narrative is a mystery to us and will remain so unless we ask, they care to tell us, and we, again, listen.

We cannot tell a person what to like or dislike. Just as much as no one can tell you.

The only way we will ever fully or even effectively relate with one another is to accept all that we do not know, and that what we know is our own perspective that is possibly not shared by others. And then we need to be curious and patient enough to understand the other person’s perspective before we judge and try to change them.


“The other person is always right … You’ll need to travel to this place of ‘right’ before you have any chance at all of actual communication.” —Seth Godin

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